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Citizen's Academy

The Vilas County Sheriff's Office is proud to present its first Citizens' Academy. 
The Vilas County Sheriff’s Office looks forward to strengthening the partnership with the community of Vilas County through its Citizens’ Academy.

Having such a program as the citizen academy allows law enforcement agencies the ability to have transparency within the community. The overall goal of implementing the citizen is to further educate the public on the how and why of law enforcement procedures.

This type of transparency allows the public the opportunity to make an honest opinion of law enforcements actions in the future.

Applications are open to any resident of Vilas County who is 18 years of age or older. Applications can be emailed or mailed to Captain Gerard Ritter.

The schedule includes a wide variety of disciplines that law enforcement officers must know and are utilized daily.

Here is a video of our recent Citizen's Academy and what they did.





Applications for 2024 Academy are now being accepted.

****Not all that apply will be accepted into the Academy.  Applicants will be subjected to a background check and class size is limited to 12 students at this time.  Applications for 2022 Academy are now being accepted.

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